Dynamic Performance Institute,LLC


"Enjoyed it tremendously! You keep the entire group involved and make us relate everything toward our working environment."

Cindy Deluny, Director, Intergovernmental Risk Management Association

"Janelle was easy to listen to, mixed it up with presentations, exercises, etc. Nice presentation!" Government Official, Marathon County, Wisconsin


Whether it is a workshop at a conference or an in-house training program, Janelle Brittain, Certified Speaking Professional, loves to get to know your group before designing and presenting a program for you. Through interviews and research, she learns what your issues and applications are to help bring home the lessons in her programs.

Delivery Style

As you can see from the quotes above, Janelle's audiences call her back again and again because she is entertaining, thought provoking, interactive and practical. She delivers specific, implement-able "How-to's," not theory. See Janelle in action in these videos: Video Samples


Custom Interactions

Speeches, training programs, facilitations and retreats delivered by Janelle display her belief that people learn best when they are actively involved and when the content applies to their specific situation. Thus all of her programs have customized interactions, cases, self-analysis profiles or other application experiences that bring the learning alive and keep it real world focused.


"The customization was extremely helpful."

Amy Maxson, Nat'l Assn. of Realtors


People Performance Depth

Because Janelle has such depth in people management and teamwork areas she has many program segments to draw from. Thus she interviews each client to learn what their hot spots are, then matches it with her segment on that issue. Additionally, Janelle creates custom programs, applications and exercises to very specifically meet each client's needs.


Personality Profiles

Janelle has created and uses a variety of personality profile assessment tools, depending on the need. A few are:

  • Communications Style Profile
  • Change Style Profile
  • Mental Flexibility Profile

Additionally, Janelle uses other developer's Feedback Profiles:

  • 360 Degree Multi-Factor Feedback: Leadership
  • Development Dimensions International's "Leadership Mirror"



Janelle Brittain has been facilitating group interaction since 1991. Recognized as one of the nation's leading Facilitators, Janelle was invited by the National Speakers Association to serve on the faculty of its Facilitators Lab, which teaches others how to facilitate. She is the Founder and First Chair of National Speakers Association's Facilitators Professional Expert Group.


Clients use Janelle's facilitation skills for:

  • Board meetings
  • Retreats
  • Team building (including experiential interactions, facilitating team meetings, brainstorming and problem solving)
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Interventions (between departments, teams, or individuals)

"I felt I could relax and be part of the process rather than worry about running the meeting, thanks to Janelle. Nothing replaces a competent outside person to facilitate." Rob DiLeonardi, Executive Director, Visiting Nurses Association Foundation"

If you would like to talk with Janelle about presenting a workshop or training program to your group, simply Contact Us.