Dynamic Performance Institute,LLC


Clients say

"You took us from being just a group of individuals to a vivacious team with open communications."

Board Member, Roosevelt University


Build Your High Performance Team

Getting people to work well together to a common goal sounds easy, but is often the most challenging aspect of work. Based on your needs, Janelle works with you to choose the right keynote, workshop, retreat or curriculum, choosing from the following programs:


  • The Art of Leading Your Team through Change
  • Increase Creativity and Constructiveness in Problem Solving
  • Conflict Management on a Team
  • Team Re-building after a Merger or Lay-off
  • Increasing Team Productivity
  • Motivate and Reinvigorate Your Teams
  • Bridging between The "In" vs. the "Out" group


  • Breakthrough Collaboration for High Performance Teams
  • Creating Co-opetition for High Performance Teams
  • Understanding Synergy Builders and learning to avoid Synergy Busters


  • How to Run Great Meetings that Get Results and Don't Waste Time
  • Powerful Guidelines to Promote Effective Team Communication
  • Collaborative Communications: Bridge the Differences

Team Leadership

  • Team Leadership: A New Skill
  • Strengthening Your Whole Leadership Team
  • Developing a Powerful Volunteer Leadership Team (for non-profits)
  • Building Trust in a Team
  • Leading vs. Following

Clients say

"Because of Janelle Brittain's guidance and training my company has one of the strongest, most productive teams it has ever had."

Victoria Rock, CEO, Victoria Court Reporting

Helpful Book

"Star Team Dynamics: 12 Lessons Learned from Experienced Team Builders,"

Janelle Brittain, Oakhill Press

Experiential Team Building

One of the quickest and most exhilarating ways to bring a team together is to guide team members through a facilitated experiential team building program. Janelle works to develop teams using a variety of interactive programs. Teams experience faster progress when the group is challenged with physical problems in a fun and supportive learning environment.

Skill Building Areas

Janelle will guide your group through experiences that will build camaraderie, support, cooperation, and comfort with risk-taking. Generally, the areas we focus on are:

  • Trust Building
  • Bonding
  • Communications
  • Risk-Taking
  • Creativity
  • Cooperation
  • Group Problem Solving


Customizing of the program to the goals for your team is the foundation of each program. Janelle interviews management and some of your participants in order to learn about your goals and challenges.

Clients say

"Very good tie to business activities -- relates to job."

Manager,Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Developing Global Team Leaders

Global operations can be a delight or an absolute pain. It all depends on your ability to capitalize on the diverse skills of the people you work with.

  • You can have 12 people of 12 different nationalities reporting to you from 12 different locations around the world, with 12 different sets of cultural and regional problems.
  • Or -- you can be the leader of a global team of 12 people who work together regardless of distance and differences, and who solve their own problems as well as yours.

The ability to bring people from many different cultures together, and motivate them to become a team, is an indispensable competency for anyone with international responsibility.

Let Janelle Brittain of Dynamic Performance Institute, LLC partnering with Michael Wynne of International Management Consulting Associates help you develop Global Team Leaders who will take your international operations to new levels.