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Exceptional Thinking Under Pressure

Keeping the mind in high gear during those tense, pressure cooker times is key to survival at work and career advancement. Learn practical, proven techniques to use before, during and after important meetings or other stressful events, days or conversations. You will get to actually experience some of these techniques to see the difference. Have fun, while you learn how to:

  • Prepare yourself for exceptional level thinking before the meeting, event or conversation.
  • "Cool Your Hot Buttons" when the verbal darts are being thrown at you.
  • Help the other person regain their calm.
  • Prevent "Post Encounter Blues" ridding yourself of those horrible flashbacks

These practical applications have been proven to reduce stress and help achieve and maintain mental control, resulting in increased effectiveness and productivity. Enjoy this interactive, fun and technique packed program


Mental Control to Switch on Your Best Thinking

Feeling overwhelmed with today’s multi-tasked, constantly changing work environment? Empower yourself and your team to meet today’s fast paced challenges by learning how to switch mental gears easily.

Learn innovative, practical techniques called Brain Switchers® for switching on specific mental functions whenever they’re needed on the job, giving you more control of your own mental faculties. Learn which Brain Switchers® techniques to use when:

  • Your brain just won't get into gear.
  • You're not on the same wavelength with staff or customers.
  • You need to get focused on Monday morning after a great weekend.
  • Your energy is empty but your "In" box isn't.
  • Your emotions are out of control..

Anyone who puts these proven Brain Switcher® techniques into practice can increase his or her mental ability to produce results fast and more easily. The result is greater mental and emotional control, enhanced flexibility, increased productivity, and decreased stress.


Polishing Persuasive Presentation Skills

The ability to stand before others and present ideas convincingly, is a vital skill in today's workplace. Each person has different skills and needs in order to deliver their best presentations persuasively. This program is customized to each participant's needs, allowing them to learn and practice their new presentation skills during the program. This can be delivered as a one-to one coaching or as a class. Participants are video taped while practicing the delivery of a program. Janelle Brittain, Certified Speaking Professional and presentation coach, provides each person with positive growth focused feedback after each practice session, using materials relating to their job in order to assure improved work related results.


Maximizing a Multi-Generational Workplace

For the first time, there are four generations in the workplace at the same time. And not everyone is looking for the same things in a job or the workplace. That presents a challenge for working well together, and managing and motivating the different groups. But by studying each group, you will have insights into what it takes to help each person make their best contributions. In this program you will learn:

  • Where each generation is coming from, in order to understand their perspective
  • Each generation's characteristics and work styles
  • What motivates them
  • How to best relate to each generation

Bring to this program an openness to try new approaches.