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Clients say

Janelle's session on "Dealing with the Tuff Stuff of Leadership" helped us first identify what our strengths and styles are as leaders and how to understand and appreciate other leadership styles. It really made sense and offered some important ideas to help identify and pinpoint what helps make you a respected and effective leader."

Bill Eikost, President, Georgia Healthcare Financial Managers Association

"We appreciated Janelle's fresh look at our management challenges, as well as her positive and easy to implement solutions."

"Vice President of Human Resources" Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Handling the "Tuff Stuff" of Leadership

"A Strategic Leader needs to be able to see the invisible, and deliver on the impossible"

Leadership in today's world needs to tap into every aspect of the human capabilities...from a keen visionary mind, to insightful communications, to managing the unpredictable. This requires strategic thinking to see the opportunities with the greatest potential and leading the available resources to achieve the goal in record time.

Janelle Brittain works with you to customize just the right program, retreat, consulting or coaching to address your goals. She delivers highly interactive, real life based programs on the following topics:

Leadership / Management

  • Create a Results Focused Performance Management System
  • Realistic Strategic Leadership Thinking
  • Superior Leadership Communication Skills
  • What Type of Leadership is Most Appropriate for the Stage of the Company's Growth?
  • How to Get and Maintain Commitment to the Goal and Vision
  • Creating a Values Based Culture
  • How to Build Trust in a Team
  • Building Leadership Team Spirit and Esprit
  • Using The Leadership Framework: A Solution Focused Tool
  • Stretching Your Strategic Thinking
  • Developing a Powerful Volunteer Leadership Team (for non-profits)
  • Leadership Communications (with Custom Applications)
  • Continual Employee Coaching for Exceptional Performance

Leadership / Management Challenges

  • Rebuilding Your Team after Layoffs, Reorganizations and Mergers
  • Building a Powerful Leadership Team
  • Juggling the Leadership Agenda
  • Effectively Managing Board of Directors Communications and Dynamics
  • Leading Your Company Through Change
  • How to Increase Creativity and Constructiveness in Problem Solving
  • Expanding a Leadership Team's Risk taking Ability
  • How to Run Great Meetings That Get Results and Don't Waste Time

Leadership Cooperation

  • Increasing the Leadership Team's Ability to Work Together
  • Creating Interdepartmental Cooperation
  • Keeping Leadership Working Together to Serve the Customer Better
  • Leadership Team Assessment for Continual Improvement in Cooperation

All programs are delivered with a sprinkling of humor, application stories, case studies, thought provoking and fun interactions with solid, immediately usable content.

Helpful Books

"How To Say It ® Performance Reviews: Phrases and Strategies for Painless and Productive Performance Reviews,"

Meryl Runion & Janelle Brittain, Penguin Books [Amazon.com]

"Star Team Dynamics: 12 Lessons Learned from Experienced Team Builders,"
Janelle Brittain, Oakhill Press