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Improving People Performance

Clients say

"Janelle Brittain has taught me how to bring out the best in my staff."

Mary White, CEO, BnBFinder.com


Performance Reviews With Exceptional Results

Performance reviews don't have to be the dreaded yearly appraisal meeting headache. Through this hands-on series focusing on the continuous performance management process, your managers will have the tools to:

  • Create a Positive Performance System
  • Conduct a Motivating, Results-Focused Performance Review
  • Build Trust between Manager and Employee
  • Give Motivating Constructive Feedback
  • Switch on Your Employee's Motivation
  • Understand and Use Conflict Management Strategies
  • Apply the 1 Minute Documentation Process
  • Ask Motivating Questions to Build Ownership

Helpful Book

"How To Say It ® Performance Reviews: Phrases and Strategies for Painless and Productive Performance Reviews" by Meryl Runion & Janelle Brittain, Penguin Books 2006

Continual Coaching for Improved Performance

After the Performance Management Meeting, continual feedback is one of the most effective tools a manager can use to assure the employee is on target toward peak performance. How this coaching is delivered can make the difference between a motivated or demotivated employee. Learn how to coach a person into new behaviors and better results.

Defusing Difficult Personalities

Knowing what to do with those "difficult" personalities can reduce your stress -- making life and work more manageable. Learn concrete techniques to handle the three personalities most often complained about. The ability to understand and work well with other people -- no matter how they act -- is a critical skill. As a result, you'll find more ease and comfort dealing with people who once were difficult, and be better able to prevent clients and co-workers from becoming difficult.

The 7 Keys to Light Their Fire

How can you light a fire under someone to get them to do what you need them to do, when you need for them to do it?

Enlighten yourself with the power of 7 motivators that can ignite your staff's performance. You will finally understand why a person shines and responds well to some situations and not others. You will actually experience some of the motivators and see how they work. Then you will learn how to persuade others based on what motivates them. In this light hearted, practical and fun program, you will gain insights that will help you increase the performance of your staff.

Turn Conflict into Consensus

Turn the focus of your meetings from emotional conflict to respecting differences of opinion, while coming to consensus. Learn to have a meeting that empowers the members of your team to monitor their own behavior before, during and after the meeting. You will learn to:

  • Prevent Conflict
  • Cool Conflict
  • Learn from Conflict

By using these techniques your team will be able to switch their focus to consensus, rather than conflict.