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Clients say

"You accurately forecasted everything that would happen to our company, so I knew I had to work with you."

Co-owner, ImagineTechnologies


Leading Your Company Through the Growth Rollercoaster

Do you have any of the following situations?

  • You're receiving customer complaints about quality
  • Your team is not able to respond fast enough or meet deadlines
  • Employees don't seem to care as much as the owners
  • It seems like you're putting out fires all the time
  • You feel like you're working "In" the business too much, with no time to work "On" the business, i.e. do planning and strategizing

These can all be symptoms of growing pains that could have been prevented. Learn how to take control of your company at each stage of its growth. As your company is growing and changing... are you? This is the "How To Manual" for leading your company as you and it grow. You will learn:

  • What issues you'll be facing at each stage of growth
  • What to do to prevent painful growth issues
  • How to deal with some of the issues today
  • How to really lead your team through each phase
  • What personal leadership changes you need to make along the way

There are many challenges to manage your company as it advances into the each stage of growth. Hear how to handle these challenges from "Growth Guru" Janelle Brittain, MBA, CSP who helps companies manage the rollercoaster of their growth. If certain management steps are not taken at the right time in a company's growth, the company may plateau or take a downward spin. Be prepared!

Clients say

"Thank you for your on-target business guidance. You have helped me and my business at a critical point in our trajectory. You inspired me to change how I look at my business and, more importantly, how I present my services and unique value-added to my prospects and customers. Through this shift and by implementing the practical approaches and systems you advised, we now function at an enhanced professional level."

Nadine B. Hack, President, beCause Global Consulting

Managing Growth to the Next Stage

(For Entrepreneurs)

Your business is ready to grow to the next stage, but your leadership team is not. It is typical that the original leadership team that handily takes the company through the entrepreneurial stage uses the approach of "fly by the seat of your pants and put out the fires as they come up." This swash buckling approach can cut through the thicket of the adolescent stage of a company, but will hold a company back and can cause deadly mistakes when it is ready to mature into the second stage of growth.

Learn how to create the discipline, systems and leadership qualities in your team that will accelerate your business to the next level. In this program you will learn to:

  • Identify the typical pitfalls and exciting highs of both the first and second stages of an entrepreneurial company (and where your company's development is).
  • How to quickly create the systems necessary to assure consistent quality and performance necessary for stage two growth development.
  • How to change the thrill of adrenalin in your entrepreneurial leaders into the satisfaction of the leadership qualities of developing people, systems and a growing company.
  • How to turn your focus from tactical to strategic, so you can become a greater leader.

Clients say

"Janelle helped us transition from a major challenge. By coaching and interviewing each staff member she was able to help turn a burned out staff into a "we can do it team." She also has an uncanny ability to listen to our problem and have insights into just the right change to accelerate us forward. She's able to advise at both the micro and macro level."

Karen Lennon, CEO, SomerCor 504, Inc., Chicago