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Board of Directors

Clients say

"We saw an immediate change (in our Board of Directors) during our meeting and we are looking forward to continued progress in months to come."

Emergency Nurses Association Board


Board Training 

The degree to which a Board of Directors is effective is felt throughout the organization and its community. Whether it is a corporate, non-profit or association Board, it makes no difference. If there are factions, conflicts or just lack of good communication, getting the business of the Board done becomes second priority. Bring in Janelle Brittain to help you to:

  • Transform Board discord into productive collaboration
  • Avoid conflict, create open communication that seeks understanding
  • Develop Board teamwork with customized Communication Protocols 
  • Improve consensus processes for decision making
  • Prevent Toxic Board meetings & their consequences
  • Balance the tactical vs. strategic focus to meet current goals
  • Turn distrust into full trust & cooperation
  • Establish appropriate Board Assessment tools and processes
  • Provide resolution techniques to use when there are conflicts
  • Coach the Chair on managing Board Dynamics
Clients say

"Janelle was dynamic, innovative and committed to bring our Board a new perspective on how we balance prudence with decision."

Jolyn T. Brown, Chair, Cleveland Area Board of REALTORS®

Board Assessment

If done by corporate or Board insiders themselves, Board Assessments may get derailed by internal politics, finger pointing, and unavoidable bias. By having a neutral outside expert lead your “Dynamic Assessment for Board Leaders” program, we assure your goals are met by:

  • Assessing with you what is needed in your specific situation
  • Designing a custom assessment process and timeline to suit your goals
  • Providing immediately actionable feedback
  • Recommending and helping to implement a roadmap for any corrective work that is indicated

Your Board, just like your organization, needs a "roadmap" to assure a long term bottom-line impact. DPI uses a systematic and results focused process that includes the following 6 ACTION keys:

  • Analyze, Align & Assess
  • Customize a plan and Collaborate
  • Transfer results via Training, policy changes, coaching, team building and resources
  • Individual Investment in growth
  • Operationalize the plan
  • Naturalize actions into culture


Strategic Planning Retreats

Strategic Planning Retreats provide the once a year opportunity to craft the future of the organization. Unfortunately, they often end up being a theoretical discussion, get off track, have personality clashes or feel unproductive. Make sure your next retreat is productive, by bringing in Janelle Brittain to facilitate the process. She will work with you to design your meeting to produce real results. Then she will ably manage the process during the retreat to assure you advance to your goals of the meeting.

Clients say

"We were able to discuss and apply the strategies to real situations within our organization."

Emergency Nurses Association, Board Director

Building Board Cohesion Quickly

(for Non-Profits and Associations)

Association and Non-Profit Boards do not have much time together to make decisions that will potentially affect thousands of other people and the future of the organization. Often there are new Board members each year which changes the team's dynamics. At the beginning of each year, the Board must quickly build a working environment that supports trust, open communications/discussions and collaborative decision-making. Janelle builds her programs around the four critical areas which best capture the Board volunteers commitment and cohesion:

  • Building a Bond & Establishing Collaborative Communications on a Board
  • Analyze the Board's Role: How Much of a Strategic or Tactical Board Do We Need to Be?
  • How to Run Great Board Meetings that Produce Commitment and Results
  • Building or Revising a Strategic Plan

If the Association Board does not communicate and collaborate well, the Association's goals will not be met and the year will be filled with anguish for both staff and Board. Learn how to establish a collaborative environment right away, then how to maintain it throughout the year.

Clients say

"You took us from being just a group of individuals to a vivacious team with open communications."

Board Member, Roosevelt University