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Oakhill Press

by Janelle Brittain, MBA, CSP

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Oakhill Press

Learn from the mistakes and successes of companies and organizations who have implemented teams and created collaborative cultures. Learn what decisions and steps will enable your organization to:

  • Decide what type of teams are right for your situation.
  • Plan and design a team-based culture that will support everyone's success (an often neglected step) and redistribute the power.
  • Learn how to collaborate rather than work in fiefdoms
  • Help staff gracefully make the leap to teaming by implementing Star Teams.
  • Keep your teams motivated no matter the challenge at hand.

The Star Team Dynamics approach balances its focus on the people and the process to assure commitment, accountability and results. By respecting the intelligence and diversity of team members, and the years of experience of managers, this book helps each one make the transition. It provides ready-to-use tools, techniques and processes to set up your structures in a way that will be both resilient and responsive to the warp speed and information avalanche of these amazing times.

"Star Team Dynamics addresses the tough, sticky, people challenges in team development. It's packed full of real-life stories and practical tools to help any organization create great teams."

Ed Oakley, author of Enlightened Leadership: Getting to the Heart of Change

"The book truly is a practical, real-world guide to preventing trouble with teams."

Beth Keeve, Vice President, Human Resources

"We don't have time to make mistakes, so it is great to learn from the experiences of others and advance in an orderly, decisive manner. Thanks for the lessons!"

Bob Holmes, Regional Human Resources Manager, Aetna US Healthcare


How to Say It® Performance Reviews: Phrases and Strategies for Painless and Productive Performance Reviews

Prentice Hall Press

By Meryl Runion & Janelle Brittain


Prentice Hall Press

A Practical, Step-by-Step Guide For Anyone Who Gives or Receives Performance Reviews
This useful and encouraging guide shows how performance reviews can be transformed from a
perfunctory and stressful corporate ritual into a powerful, positive and effective tool for both employers
and employees. Management consultants Meryl Runion and Janelle Brittain, who have coached
thousands successfully through the process, cover the essentials, including:

  • 5 simple, essential steps for mastering every performance review
  • What to say - and what not to say
  • Hundreds of useful phrases organized by topic
  • Common pitfalls and how to steer clear of them
  • How to master the art of body language and verbal tone
  • Real-life success stories to emulate (and blunders to avoid)
  • How to make performance reviews a seamless part of TIPS: a Totally Integrated Performance System

This guide will change not only what you say, but how you think about what you say to turn the review into a positive motivating experience that produces real behavior change. Order now at Amazon.com for just $11.95. After you've read it, write a review on Amazon to tell us what you thought and how you used it.


Exceptional Thinking Under Pressure®


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Keeping the mind in high gear during those tense, pressure cooker times is key to survival at work. Learn from Janelle Brittain* the practical, proven techniques to use before, during and after important meetings or other stressful events. The CD guides you through actually experiencing some of these techniques to see the difference. Have fun, while you learn how to:

  • Prepare yourself for exceptional level thinking before the meeting, event or conversation.
  • "Cool Your Hot Buttons" when the verbal darts are being thrown at you.
  • Help the other person regain their calm.
  • Prevent "Post Meeting Blues" ridding yourself of those horrible flashbacks of your mistakes.

These practical applications have been proven to reduce stress and help achieve and maintain mental control, resulting in increased effectiveness and productivity.


Flexible Thinking: Switching on Your Best®


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Feeling overwhelmed with today's multi-tasked, constantly changing work environment? Empower yourself and your team to meet today's fast paced challenges by learning how to switch gears easily. Learn from Janelle Brittain* innovative, practical techniques called Brain Switchers ® for switching on specific mental functions whenever you need them on the job, giving you more control of your own mental faculties. Discover which Brain Switchers® techniques to use when:

  • Your brain just won't get into gear.
  • You're not on the same wavelength with staff or customers.
  • You need to get focused on Monday morning after a great weekend.
  • Your energy is empty but your "In" box isn't.
  • Your emotions are out of control.
  • You need increased accuracy for detailed work.

Anyone who puts these proven Brain Switchers® techniques into practice can increase his or her mental ability to produce results fast and more easily. The result is greater control, enhanced flexibility, increased productivity, and decreased stress.


*Janelle Brittain, MBA, CSP is an internationally known consultant, trainer and speaker who has over 30 years of business experience in training, sales, marketing and management. As Founder and CEO of the Dynamic Performance Institute, LLC, she has helped hundreds of organizations build their people and teams to achieve stellar performance.